SUNRISE POLYMER is a leading manufacturer of all types of Compounds and Masterbaches. An object to manufacturer Comprehensive range of Colour, additive master batch and fillers. SUNRISE POLYMER is well equipped with all testing equipments for Physical, mechanical, thermal, and FR testing.

Our service offerings include: Testing - Blending – Compounding – Packaging  R & D and Quality Control

We are committed towards excellence in quality, performance and customer service. We firmly believe in offering superlative quality to our esteemed customers. Color matching begins of the experienced hands of engineers, experts and trained staff who match the shade using specialized color matching software on spectrophotometer.

To produce compound of good quality standatrd with the help of advanced Technology and expertise of well experienced personnel to meet challenging and ever changing market environment.

To fulfill the demand of customers and focusing customer satisfaction.

To honor our commitments to best of our ability .

In our compounding unit below are different products available in (FR & NON FR)

Products Brand Name

-  PP (Poly Propylene) SiLENE                  -ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadien Styrene) SiLAC

 - PC(Poly Carbonate) SiPEC                     -PBT(Polybutylene Tetraphthalate ) SiLITE

-   PA 6 &66 (Polyamide) SiLON                -HIPS (High impact polystyrene) SiPAC

   We are ISO 9001:2005 & ITAF I6949 Certified company having a systematic quality  control system that everyone trusts.