Engineering Plastic

PC (Poly Carbonate) SiPEC

PC (Poly Carbonate) SiPEC : products are consisting of the most diverse characteristics with different modifiers, additives with customized colors

PC Transparent: This product exhibits high light permeability, rigidity, impact resistance and flame retardants, good luminous transmittance, and very low haze factor.

PC Flame Retardant (FR): These compound show good dimensional stability, weather ability and flow ability, which allow molder to be utilized as a replacement for metal applications. SiPEC PC compounds are in compliance with international standard.

  • PC FR VO
  • PC FR V1

PC Glass Filled (GF): These compounds provide high rigidity, dimensional stability, tensile strength and shows 80% increase in compressive strength as compare to virgin polymer.

  • PC 10% GF
  • PC 20% GF

PC Impact grades: These grades consist of impact modifier which results in an improvement in impact strength.

PC LED grades: This grade consists of exceptional transparency, heat resistance and strength, as well as light guiding components in the automobile and illumination sectors.

PC for Modular Switches grades: This grade consist of high gloss, spark shield to conceal high sparking and avoiding any damage due to short circuit or leakage of current PC is easy to remove or re-fit as that of modular switches.

PC for Meter Box Grades: This grade provides high gloss, UV resistance, high impact strength, medium viscosity, improved chemical resistance and easy to release

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadien Styrene) SiLAC

General Purpose: These grades are used in visual parts such as.

  • Injection Molding
  • Injection Molding, Automotive
  • Injection Molding, Super High Gloss
  • Super toughened Helmet grade

ABS Glass Filled (GF) Compounds: These compounds are produced with the incorporation of glass fiber having a better surface, hardness, melting temperature with low mold shrinkage.

  • ABS 10% GF
  • ABS 15% GF
  • ABS 20% GF

ABS Flame Retardant (FR) Compounds: These compounds are used in electrical with electronics. It is compliance with UL standards with excellent mould ability and flame-retardant characteristics.

  • ABS FR V2

ABS Heat Resistant (HR) Compounds: These compounds exhibits enhanced heat resistance compared with general ABS. The heat sags and heat shrinkage tests well represent the excellent heat resistance of this compound.

  • Heat Resistant
  • High Heat Resistant
  • Medium Heat Resistant

ABS Extrusion grade Compounds: These compounds are designed in pre- colored state or form for smooth surface and sheet substrate applications. Available in a wide range of modulus, gloss and impact properties.

PA 6 (Polyamide) SiLON

  • Glass Filled
  • Mineral Filled
  • Talc feild
  • FR

PA 66 (Polyamide) SiLON

  • Glass Filled
  • Mineral Filled
  • Talc feild
  • FR

PBT (Polybutylene Tetraphthalate) SiLITE

PBT (Polybutylene Tetraphthalate ) SiLITE products are consisting of the most diverse characteristics with different modifiers, stabilizers, special additives and customized colors. Key properties of granules offer are as follows:

PBT Plane: PBT compounds offer high strength and stiffness, low moisture absorption, high heat deflection temperatures, excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance, rapid molding cycles and reproducible mould shrinkage.

PBT Glass Filled (GF): Glass-reinforced PBT compounds exhibits a two-to threefold increase in tensile, flexural and compressive strengths. Water absorption values are relatively low.

  • PBT 10% GF
  • PBT 20% GF
  • PBT 30% GF

PBT Mineral Filled (MF): Mineral filled PBT compounds impact- modified grade for rigid parts, for the production of parts with good surface quality and low warpage.

  • PBT 10% MF
  • PBT 20% MF
  • PBT 30% MF

PBT Flame Retardant Reinforced (FR): Flame retardant PBT compounds are developed for industrial materials according to international standards and GWIT (850 C-960 C) where flame retardancy is essential. UL- listed under the highest class of inflammability, VO.

  • PBT FR V0
  • PBT FR V1
  • PBT FR V2

PBT Impact Modified: Impact Modified PBT compounds improve strength, stiffness attributes.


  • PC PBT
  • PC ABS

Commodity Plastic

PP (Poly Propylene) SiLENE

PP (Poly Propylene) SiLENE products are consisting of the most diverse characteristics with incorporation of modifiers, stabilizers, special additives and customized colors as:

Polypropylene Talc Filled: These compounds have been tailored to meet the requirements of each of the major automobile producers. These products have excellent mold detail and surface reproduction.

  • PP TF 10% to 40%

Polypropylene Mineral Filled: These compounds are designed for the car industry, to be used in interior parts where high scratch resistance is required. This grade offers good balance in stiffness, impact strength with very good scratch resistance.

  • PP MF 10% to 40%

Polypropylene Glass Filled: These compounds are produced by incorporating a chemical coupling agent, improved tensile and flexural strengths.

  • PP GF 10% to 40%

Polypropylene Flame Retardant: These compounds are developed to meet the most rigorous testing standards for characteristic flame retardation, self- extinguishing burn. It also comply standards for low smoke generation and minimal toxic by-products.

  • PP FR VO
  • PP FR VI
  • PP FR V2

Polypropylene Impact grade Compounds: These grade are suitable for parts which require good impact resistance and good appearance in lightweight injection molded parts.

  • PP High impact
  • PP low impact
  • PP Medium impact

Polypropylene pre-colored grade Compounds: These compounds are readily available as per customer requirement with fully customized colors and tailor made properties