SUNRISE POLYMERS producers a large range of white , black and colour Masterbatches suitable for all major plastic processing types we have a shade library of more than 20000 colours to suit every customers need .

Colar Masterbatches

SUNRISE offers large range of colour masterbatches for household and outdoor application .

Special Effect Masterbatches

SUNRISE offers large range of wood effect ,Marble effect ,Glare effect and pearl effect , masterbatches .

White Masterbatches

SUNRISE offers while masterbatches made of high quality titanium dioxide in various loading with polymer as per application requirement .White masterbatches are available with different loading of titanium dioxide from 30% to 70% White masterbatches are available  for blown film, injection moulding, blow moulding and woven sack application.

Black Masterbatches

SUNRISE offers wide range of black masterbatches with 30% to 50% carbon black processed in state of art machinery which gives excellent dispersion and jetness.